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... the break away from the studio over the past few weeks has given me a bit of time to reflect on things. I have enjoyed a self induced exile and have only just returned to the torch this week.  Custom orders like this one have kept me a bit busy over the past weeks.

... these enamels are making their way to the Blue Mountains in NSW!

A little while ago I took an impromptu trip up to the Sunshine coast to take a basic silversmith course at a little gallery in Edulo called the Rosebed Street Gallery. Well, one
thing lead to the other and I am a please to share that a small selection of my work will be available via this gallery.
The silversmith workshop run by Cathy McCarthy was excellent by the way! It gave me the confidence to revisit techniques and skills learnt a long, long time ago. New work in the pipeline will see collaborative pieces sharing the glass and silver love!
Some new recent work from me includes these simple styled earrings. They are made from some of my favourite glass and have been designed to highlight the glass. They feature simple ear wires that I've made from 20g sterling silver wires that have been formed around the shape of the bead to make them hang correctly.

I am working on a limited run of this style of earring for the time being, so they have been specially priced for followers of Creative Arty Facts. You can see these and a few more here.

New buttons and ring kits have also been added to the estore this week. If you live somewhere where its cold then you will enjoy these bright, colourful hand shaped buttons that are perfect for fibre artists and knitters.
I hope you've enjoyed the weekend! I'm off to make a start on the long overdue June newsletter. Talk soon - Liz x

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