Canberra Glassworks - my residency

Day 16 ~

Today I leave for home. The bags are packed, the Chapel is clean and I have said goodbye to the team at the Glassworks. I have enjoyed my time here and know it wont be long before I am back. My heartfelt thanks to Clare, Mel and all the others that have made my time here an amazing experience.

..... flying over the northern tip of South Stradbroke Island and I know I'm close to home!

The sandblaster has been out of action for a few days now and I knew I probably would not get my last set of beads done. An SOS call from Mel 1/2 hour before I left had me flying over the car park and into the dungeon to finish off the set that I had masked out earlier. I just love the way these have come out - they are smooth and soft to touch.

... masked and sandbasted beads
This has been my home for a few weeks. A lovely spacious building - decked out with modern furnishings and mod cons. All the home away from home luxury a girl could want and need!

... inside the Chapel - an artist's retreat!

Day 15 ~

The weekend "Floral Fun" workshop finished up today. I was great to meet the local bead makers and share skills, techniques and experiences with the girls. Many thanks to Liz Darvill who invited me to teach over the weekend.

Day 8 ~
I took a little time out today to spend some time with my son and to catch up with family and friends. I went out to Tulip Tops and caught up with some friends who were selling some of the glass goodness. The flower beds were in full  bloom and just beautiful!
Carole and me at Tulip Tops
Yesterday, before I headed into the studio, I quickly raced over the the Bus Depot Markets that were setting up shop the day. I slept in a little this morning and so I missed out on some markets browsing (one of my fave pastimes) I still managed to score myself some home made goodness.
... more glass goodies and op shop bargains
 Day 6 ~

Yesterday was another busy day for me. I've been working on some pieces that will go toward some jewellery pieces for an exhibition in Brisbane later on this year. I took a few minutes to walk thru the hotshop to watch the professionals at work!

Clare adding surface detail to her vessels
 This is the lovely Clare who works at the Glassworks and is a glass worker herself. Her she is using a large "flameworking" torch to apply surface detail using fine hand pulled stringers to her vessels.
.... end of (long) day beads

Day 4 ~

Today, extra creature comforts arrived from home. More glass, forgotten items and most important of all, my new arm rest (which I bought in the US) will now join me during my time here. I am beginning to settle into my new working environment and have now got a good handle around using different equipment and tools.
Have booked my cold working induction for next week *yay* and I'm looking forward to learning new skills.

Day 2 ~

The Canberra Glassworks will be my home away from home for the next few weeks. This is a wonderful opportunity to further develop my beadmaking skills and explore new ideas and concepts that will enhance and add to my current work.

I must admit, I did come with a mental list of things I wanted to try:
  • cold working
  • sand blasting
  • using lathes to add surface decoration to my beads
  • fusing and slumping
... there is a bit more but I'm going to exercise self control as I'm not too sure just how much I'm going to get through.    

After laying out all my glass this morning, I did realise that apart from wanting to try all these things, I did actually have a "must do" list that takes priority :)

More updates as the week progresses .... Liz x