New York ....

Last month I traveled to the US to attend the International Society of Glass Beadmakers' annual conference, this year being held in Rochester, New York.
I was lucky enough to be awarded a scholarship which enabled me to stay a little longer and enjoy some local scenery while I was there. Itinerary set, camera organised and note book in hand, I set off for the "big unknown".
amazing art - both in and out
up close and personal with some of my favourite artworks
Three weeks is a long time to be away from home and your family, so it was a really big decision to make at the time. I missed some pretty significant milestones in my children's lives while I was away - so it really was a bitter sweet time for me. My time away also gave me the opportunity to some serious soul searching about me, my chosen career and the directions it has taken me over the past few years

Janet - enjoying the local artwork

I was thrilled to meet other glass bead makers who travelled from near and far to attend the "Gathering" some of whom were from Australia! Friendships were established and connections were made - good foundations for future reference! I was also lucky enough to attend some professional workshops with leaders in our lamp working industry. There were so many to pick from but in the end my time at Leah Fairbanks and Sharon Peters workshop will be truly treasured.

No doubt one of my highlights would definitely have to be the visit to the Corning Museum. I was lucky to go twice and go to see things I missed on the first round. My tour through this amazing establishment was thorough  and included tours to the glass bead making studios, the outdoor (and mobile) hot shop and a loooooong, looooong walk thru the amazing Market place.

familiar faces in the crowds

The Glass Market at Corning