.... giving and getting

... my bead soup partner has been away but is now back, so I can now show off the components that I received from Tracy, along with those I sent her!

You know, for as much as I love the colour turquoise, I actually do not have one single piece of jewellery (or clothing) in this colour. I absolutely love all the components sent to me and look forward to creating some new items for myself! Teaming turquoise and copper is one colour combination i use a lot when making my beads so it will be interesting to use components based on the same colour scheme.

I just love the heart shaped owl focal but I'm especially drawn to the square-ish shaped ceramic beads on the right of the photo! So far, I have thought of 101 uses for them - but you will have to wait till 30th March for the big reveal day!

This is the collection of goodies I sent off to Tracy ~ all the components were based around a glass multi-coloured focal that I had for her. I added some hand made cobalt rounds and green shaped lentils and filled the rest out with Czech beads that I bought in the US, pulling in all the colours featured in the main bead! I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes of this soup!

Have a great week everyone! I'm off to add new pieces to the estore and then the plan for the rest of the day is reclaim my studio and do some major sorting out. Its a job that I've been putting off for some time now ... I usually live by my mantra "creation is messy" -  but is so ridiculous now that I can find a thing - wish me luck! 
Talk soon - Liz x

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