.... epic torch day

... and I've lived to tell the tale! Let's face it - I'm not as organised as I think Id like to be. It has been a week of personal deadlines - some of which I missed, others are a success story!
These are tales for another time but I would like to share some bead love from my kiln this morning.
... Honey Mustard: 511306
 I have decided to shift all the glass testing notes to another page attached to my blog. You can click on the vertical tab a the top of the page, just under the banner. I will update this again later today with the final photographs and notes for this batch of testing. You will be able to access all my CiM notes from this page at any time.

The second issue of Digital Beading Australia has just been released ... I'm very excited as the first in a series of lampwork tutorials for novice beadmakers has just printed. You can find it on pages 138 - 143.  
... dot tutorial for beginner beadmakers
 Make sure you sign up for our bead giveaway too! If you haven't yet subscribed, you can do so from here
... win this strand of bead
Wow - what a crazy week its been for me! I'm off to get some fresh air and bench hooks for my workshop in Toowoomba tomorrow! If you are in the locality - pop into the Cobb and Co Museum and enjoy some of the "have-a-go" activities they have planned for the weekend! Enjoy the weekend - Liz xx

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vovsblog said...

Beautiful work! stopping by all the blogs taking part in the bead soup blog party. cant wait to see what you make!