... always busy

 .... but rarely on task!  You know, when you work from home your constantly being temped and distracted from the tasks at hand! Last week I finished up a mammoth glass testing session which ran over a few days cos I left it till the last minute. 

As a result, I fell in love with the beads I made and so this week I've decided to make more using the same designs and techniques but using some of my favourite colours and glass.
... Hawaiian Purple - Lauscha
Of course, all this play now puts me a little further behind on some custom gallery work that I really should be working on. I see it as creative note taking - wordsmiths have to write it down, glass artists visualise it and then need to follow thru with some torch time :) 
Well, that's my theory and I'm sticking to it!
... silver rounds with DH starburst murrini
... Boho comes to visit!
The Collective Store  in Wynnum (later this week) will see a total restock of the my entire cabinet with new stock - so pop in if you can and have a look! 

I have been setting aside some time every week to work on new mixed metal projects ... these are a combination of enameling and wirework (and hand made silver hooks that are difficult to see)
I love seeing the result of combining two artforms within the one piece ... a little bit of Bohemia is created! I'm waiting for the postie to arrive this morning with some new metalsmith tools and goodies for next weeks scheduled playtime - I promise to show you what I'm working on next!

Anyway, better get back the newsletter - Ive been distracted again!

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