... sitting on my hands

.. and squirming about cos I have some very exciting news to share with you - but not just yet! Actually, I have 2 lots of gossip but can on spill the beans once dates etc have been confirmed - maybe next week!

In the mean time, I have distracted myself by road testing some more new CiM glass for Affordable Inspiration. I had 4 new colours to play with this week - some interesting and some I needed lots of encouragement.

The technical notes will be published later next week but I waned to show 'n' share the beads from the testing process.  
It's been a big week in more ways than one! Lots to keep me busy - and the course notes for my enamel classes are now in their final stages. 

The recent craft and quilt fair has generated lots of interest in classes for both bead making and enameling. If you are keen to enroll, please check the electronic student booking calendar located on my web-store for availability!

I'm heading of for a day at the beach and will leave you with some eye candy :) Enjoy the weekend - Liz x

... Ink Blot

.... Thunder Egg
...  Honeycomb

... Leapfrog

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April Grinaway said...

Thanks for the Eye Candy !!
Beautiful ~