... work in progress

.... I"m in the throws of putting together a body of work for two galleries at the moment - it's just that time of the year from me and its a big job! The studio is a pretty crazy place and I look for distractions all the time. Today was no exception!
... mid morning coffee on the deck (with tools)

I've been itching to get my teeth into some more copper work lately - my raw materials arrived earlier this week and it was time to get those ideas I've been conceptualising out of my head and onto my bench!
..... love the organic feel to these enameled pieces.

I've got some more colour testing to finish off but I'm pleased the lovely solid colours. The form and shape of the cut copper determines how the glass enamels flow over the surface.
.... mixed metals, my favourites atm!
Taaa-daaaa - the finished products. What do you think?  I decided to finish them off with handmade hooks (not those in the photo) to make them a completely artisan made pieces. I'm happy with them!!! Now it's back to work ... see ya! Liz x

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