... Spring has sprung

... finally!  The warmer weather is officially just around the corner but in my little corner of the world it arrived a few weeks ago! Welcome Spring - oh how I have been waiting for you!

.... original terra - laid over opal yellow and encased with a layer of clear.
 Last week,  while I was unofficially cleaning up my glass shelves, I stumbled across some silver glass that I'd tucked away (alongside more silvered glass). I am a big fan of Kim Neely, an American glass beadmaker who can really make this glass sing.
So armed with her tutorial, written specifically for those who have struggle with glass, I decided it was time for me to get some results.

These beads were made with some of the original formula produced in 2007. Terra glass produced by Double Helix has recently been resurrected and is now in  production again.

.... now in the store - etched organic bicones!
... organic ivory donuts - almost good enough to eat!
I have popped these sets, along with some other organic style of beads in my estore this week. 
To celebrate the change of season, there are lots of discounts across the entire store to make way for my new Spring collections, coming soon.
In the mean time, have a fabulous weekend - and I've you're out celebrating Father's Day with your Dad today - enjoy yourself! Liz x

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Shirley said...

Those are stunning! You obviously conquered this tutorial!!! Have a great weekend!