... where am I and what day is it?

... its that's crazy time of the year when all my important deadlines seem to come a pointy end at the same time. This generally causes frantic chaos in house with the epicentre being my studio.
.... new work heading down to the Canberra Glassworks

The pink and green glass have been getting a good work-out this month as I thread together ideas that will eventually become work that has been inspired by my past visits to Floriade in Canberra. 


... Spring inspired
The floral canes I have been working on now on show and you can see a close up on the main pink bead in the photo above. Complex floral canes, vine canes and stamen canes are my zen - and when all else fails, I make cane!

..... strawberry fields
Paperwork done and my glass goodness is finally wrapped and packed and now winging its way down south to the Glassworks.  Can you hear me breath a sigh of relief? I'm pooped but I have a bit more to do before I can sit back and rest - I'll check back with you before the weekend - see you then! Liz x


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