... drumroll s'il vous plait

... congratulations and well done to those who entered my CiM test bead giveaway. The winners names are posted below. I am also pleased to let you know that Kathy from CiM has now posted my beads and notes on the official CiM website. Pop over and have a look at CiM's comprehensive information on their colour palettes.

Can the winners please contact me via email with their names and postal details. Once I have this, I will pop your goodies in the post.

Tandoori: K v H
Macaw: Me (link to blog not available)

I am excited to have my very first enamel student this week. I have been planning the course outline and content for a very long time now and to finally have come into fruition is very exciting. 
... copper cogs and wheels
Aside from learning to flame enamel copper blanks, the workshop will also cover the following:
  • safety and good health practices in the studio
  • making your own forged copper headpins and ear wires
  • making enameled headpins
  • using tools and equipment to shape and bend copper
  • learning to flame enamel beads, wire and blanks
  • exploring design concepts to create your own jewellery pieces.

I am slowing getting my mojo back and easing myself into the studio groove again after a long illness. Packing and posting off orders, attending to commissions and tidying up the  studio are all on my agenda this week. In the mean time, have a fabulous week - cheers, Liz x 


KvH said...

Oh.. I won. I was so happy.....

Lori Anderson said...

Lucky ladies!