... shades of grey

... but a just a few less than 50! I have been making a serious effort to use up all my 'natural' and 'earthy toned' glass before I pounce on all those luscious summer colours. It's been hard work as these are not normally the colours that lure me into the studio each day.  But since I have way too much of it to ignore I've been doing something about it!

... dark ivory dounts
I've surprised myself over the past week as they are nicer in bead form than the rod format that shares the shelf with other coloured temptation. Self discipline is good for the soul ..... These ivory donuts were made with some dark 'curdling' ivory - they look good enough to eat! The slate bicone beads below are mixture of stone colours - etched and silvered for a smooth feel.
.. slate bicones, silvered and etched.  

Of course, the other thing that has helped is that I have a tonne of frit neatly stashed in a large shoebox. Stuff you cant get anymore as it is no longer in production - nobody sees it but me! I've decided to use it up to make some killer beads so keep your eyes out for some flash looking stuff in weeks to come.
... slate discs * sold *
Late year resolution *use up all the old stuff before you buy more * We had a bumper weekend in the store this weekend gone - not too sure if there is a connection here but its looking pretty full - all sold items will be removed once they are on their way to their new owners. This keeps the shop looking fresh with new stock almost daily. 
Have a great week everyone - talk soon - Liz x


KayzKreationz said...

I really like the colors in those first 2 sets of beads. I can see them mixing with so many other colors. Congrats on your self discipline and turning out some great beads.

LizCat said...

*groan of ecstacy* oh, Liz!! Those slate etched bicones are TO DIE FOR!!! Bliss...
Soo glad you're having good sales - yay creative chick - yahoo!!!