... peaches and cream et al

... today I'm sharing a few more of my notes and observation of my CiM testing. Linen, Coconut Milk, Peaches and Cream and Peachy Keen will feature in this post.

... Linen - new from CiM

Of all the colours I was given to sample, this is probably one of my favourites. At first glance, it reminded me of the luscious and creamy cafe latte and cappuccino colours in the Gaffer range.  It is classified by CiM under it's 'neutral palette' and sits alongside colours such as Zombie and Hippo.
Linen is a soft (but sometimes dark) ivory coloured glass that lends itself nicely as a bead base colour! It is dense in colour and as it melts, shows soft darker striations and ‘syrup like’ marking that eventually fade away.

This glass melts easily and becomes ‘heavier’ in colour once worked in the flame over time, becoming more 'caramel' in colour.
The floral focal was made using Val Cox green frit and vine cane before layering flower like designs over the top.
... Peaches & Cream and Peachy Keen

In rod form, this semi translucent glass is soft in colour and true to its namesake: Peaches and Cream. CiM describe this colour as "opal peach" and have classified within the brown colour palette. 
I found this colour to be a little shocky when first introduced into the flame but behaves nicely once it has tempered to the flame temperature. Once in the flame, the colour shift from peach to ‘cream’ was quite obvious, reminding me of the Effetre Opalino and Alabaster range.

I noticed that the more you worked this glass and the longer it was in the flame, the less chance there was that it retained its translucent quality. The colour shift to a solid opaque was evident, especially the centre part of the bicone shaped floral bead I made. When it was used to make stringers, the colour was lost producing a pale, insipid length of glass, transparent in colour with little or no tint at all.
This is another glass that makes a good “base bead” colour in its solid form – these beads were decorated with transparent Peachy Keen, Coconut Milk and surface decorated with Double Helix Aurea.

... tranparent Peachy Keen
This is a lovely transparent peach coloured glass is a great colour match for Effetre Amber Rose, which is no longer in production.
It is the perfect glass to use for my large floral focal beads and a great base to carry off a palette of various colours. I chose to make a thin large bead as my base and the colour was not too dense, but I suspect that if the bead were to be “thick” the colour may intensify!

This glass is lovely to use and easy to melt – nice to work as a bead or to make accessories such as twisties and floral canes. This is def. a colour I would have in my stash to complement all the other peachy pink shades I already use! More information about this colour can be found here.

I hope the start of your week has been a good one! I will be back in a few days with some more  pics and  notes - this time featuring the very bright Tandoori and Macaw. Talk soon - Liz x

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