... hot, hot, hot !!!

... Firecracker, Macaw and Tandoori are all new shades of red and orange glass from CiM and add new elements to the red and orange colour palettes.

... Macaw - a new addition to the 104 transparent orange range.
I posted pics of these beads on my facebook page a few days ago - and am now following thru on some technical notes.

Both Tandoori and Macaw look very similar in rod format and can easily be confused (if your work station is anything like mine) so - check the tags carefully if you have both!

Macaw is quite saturated but transparent in rod format, transpires to a lovely (but very bright) orange transparent glass. It melts easily in the flame and works well other opaque shades in the CiM range. 

.... my 'Sarah' inspired focal bead using Tandoori 

This is my "Sarah" styled focal bead, made with Creamsicle and Tandoori - I love to match opaques with their matching transparent. Tandoori and Creamsicle are a perfect pair. Again, at face value, the transparent can be easily confused with Macaw. The results are similar and both are very bright colours!
... CiM Firecracker - lovely and translucent
Firecracker has quickly become another one of my favourite reds, alongside Sangre and Maraschino (both CiM glass). It is a deep, luscious red glass that appears to be semi-translucent in its rod form but levels out to a lovely even colour once the beads have been annealed. Like some other colours in the CiM range, Firecracker can be quite stiff in the flame and needs a bit more attention when being used to make handshaped or pressed beads.

I have a few more notes about the final colours to post next week but I also wanted to say taht I will be giving away some of the beads I have made over past few weeks. Stayed tuned or check my fb page for details.  Enjoy the weekend - Liz x


KayzKreationz said...

These colors are gorgeous. Would love to win some of the beads. I'll check back and your facebook page.

Creative Arty Facts said...

... thanks for posting. I will list them next week after and let everyone know via my facebook page :)

Liz x

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