... CiM Glass

.... tasting testing has been on my agenda (amongst other things) this week. Recently, Kerry from Affordable Inspiration sent me a lovely bundle of new colours produced by CiM to trial.
The colours are gorgeous and with names like Coconut Milk, Tandoori, Peaches and Cream it's easy to forget that "taste" is different to "test" ... although both are one and the same!

... newly released colours by CiM

This is the first of several posts where I will discuss the CiM glass. First cab off the rank ... Cardamom - 511407.
This soft melting CiM glass is lovely and smooth in its rod format and melts beautifully and without effort in the flame.

It is pale and opaque in colour and teamed perfectly with  Effetre transparent Sage green and Dark Ivory to make to make twisites that I later used to surface decorate the beads...
Cardamom remained consistently fluid and easy to melt with other glass in the 104 coe range and had no apparent compatibility issues.

The disc beads in the centre were surface decorated using blue silver leaf, which caused it to gently fume in some areas. The smaller spacer beads were decorated with silvered ivory stringer (made with blue silver leaf) and fine silver wire ...
This shade of green is normally not part of my preferred colour palette,  but when teamed with ivory and a complementing darker transparent shades of glass, the colour scheme is quite striking.

The new colours will soon arrive in Australia and will be available towards the end of the month. Stay tuned for my next post where I road test - Coconut Milk, Peachy Keen, Linen and Peaches and Cream!


Tania Tebbit said...

Love it Liz - looks beautiful with the twistie decoration.

Konad-licious said...

Ooh, I love this color. I think it fits a hole in the Mint Green market too. You going to be at the Melb Craft show this weekedn Liz?