...experimental canes

... and mix and match colour combinations have kept me busy for the little time I've actually had in the studio this week. I am trialling and testing some canes that I hope to have in my etsy store in the very near future. Those of you who know me and the kind of beads I like to make will know that florals and botanical inspired designs are pretty much my preferred thing.
... cz and detail and interest

These "thicker" styled floral canes are easier to hold and handle while working in the flame. The new size  makes it easier to hold using a pencil grip postitioning and so "swiping" the molten glass over the surface is easier. Stay tuned for more news on these items .... I'm just "tweaking" the final details before they hit the etsy store.

Verigated floral canes differ from "rose canes or encased stringers" in that they are often built up using layers of colours forming complex patterns and colourways. The end result often results in striped life-like patterns on leaves and petals.

It's been a crazy week and Im looking forward to sharing my studio space with my gf tomorrow. More punching, stamping and enamelling is on the agenda and I can't wait!  

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