... all that glitters

... in my house at the moment is not gold but this gorgeous silver glass that's been maturing on my shelf for some time now. I have been slowly tidying shelves that are cluttered with bundles of unlabeled glass, desperately trying to remember what it is and where it came from!

... silver glass = metallic lustres = yum! 
I have been continuing my experiments with my exotic floral canes - made some beads up yesterday with some test canes - am pretty happy with how they turned out. My little note book is starting to hold a few "good to go" recipes so I'll be sharing those with you soon!

Jury duty for me tomorrow - this will def. keep things a little low key for the next few weeks! Rotten timing as I am preparing pieces for a collections that will make its way, way out west! Hope you've had a fabulous weekend. Pop into the estore over the next few days - I'll be adding a few bits and pieces - Liz x

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