... orange overdose

... I am on an orange kick at the moment - I really love how bright this colour makes me feel. Cheerful and bright and perfect for the summer season!
Funny thing is ... I do not have one single item of clothing in this colour and don't think I would ever go out and get anything either. I don't know exactly what it is, but it just it's one of my preferred colours (to wear).
.... seriously orange beads!
The transparent orange beads (towards the centre and to the left of the photo) are very intense and my have to be toned down with some softer shades of orange, or even clear.
Hmmmm - not too sure how my necklace is going to turn out now as the beads themselves are not quite what I expected!
Color "blocking" is quite fashionable at the moment but because I could never image an piece of jewellery in just this colour, I thought it may make things interesting if I complemented the solid colours with various shades of transparents.Well, I'm putting the piece together tonight, so will post pictures (maybe) of the finish product.

... and now for something completely different! I just love colours in this photo and wanted to share it with you - some inspiration for my next "beach themed beads"?
Yesterday we managed to sneak off to the beach for a few hours. What a gorgeous morning it was ~ pure *B L I S S*
No maddening weekend crowds or screamin children, just a few bathers peppered along the sand enjoying the beautiful Gold Coast sunshine!

So, the batteries are now fully recharges and I'm ready to go for another week. Have a fabulous one yourself ! Liz x

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