... my head is here

... but the rest of me is "studio mode"! I have been busy pottering in the studio putting together bits and pieces that are due to head out all over the place - all within the next few weeks.

... beach dreaming sets added to my estore
As I was tidying up a few days ago,I came across some "finds" that we put aside some time ago. Of course, couldn't wait to play with them and this is what I made.
Old vetrofond Silk" glass with a beautiful translucent quality about it. Every time I use this glass, it behaves differently to the time before. None-the-less, I still love it and really happy I stumbled across it last week.

... soft and delicate pink silk pillows
I also found my stash of Double Helix silver glass murrini - two lots! One that I bought when I was at the Gathering last year. Make that the year before now - and another lot that I bought on line early last year.

I found these beads incredibly difficult to photograph today - not too sure what the problem was but just when you had the focus on the murrini it was at the expense of the rest of the bead and vice-versa. This was the best I could do to show off the gorgeous DH murrini in shades of blue and green. The bead base was make from an old batch of ASK glass no longer made.
Ok - time for me to make a family appearance - talk again later this week. Liz x


Kymmaree said...

The beach dreaming beads are soon nice. I love that v.silk too so wish I had bought a couple of pounds!
Cheers from Kym K-T

Creative Arty Facts said...

Hey Kymmaree
Nice to hear from you! Yes, gotta love that vetro silk #1 - the subsequent batch didnt come anywhere near the gorgeous qualities of the first lot!