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... is a very cool iphone app that allows you to share photos instantly with friends via face book etc as well as allowing you to apply filters in order to artistically change the image.This morning's very early trip to Mt Tambourine gave us some time to wander thru the gardens while most of the towns residents were still asleep .... and of course, time to snap some pics and get with the program!New work featuring Summer of FuN pieces have safely arrived at Canberra Glassworks and will soon be on the shelves. These wildly fun and funky pieces feature an eclectic mix of summer inspired colours, shapes and decorative beads. Each piece is unique and highlights textured beads and findings, all of which are carefully balnaced against one another.

I have really enjoyed working on this collection over the past few weeks - it's really given me a opportunity to push my own boundaries and use many concepts and ideas that have been "on paper" for some time now.
Pieces from this "story" will also be on show at the Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane within the next few weeks. Hope you've had a fabulous weekend! Talk soon - Liz x

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coffeeaddict said...

my phone predates the camera technology, so no instagram for me.
the beads are gorgeous, full of life and colour.
Enjoy your summer! We've been having dreary weather in Europe.