... Czech, Czech - 1, 2

... Oh how I love and hate this glass! Earlier this week I cleared my desk from the manic mess that had grown over the past few weeks and dragged out my Czech glass. Every now and again, I do start from scratch and re-learn all the basic properties that a particular glass type has to offer. I love the colour palette in the Czech range, especially the luscious transparents - perfect for my summer range!

So far, this is my collection of big "lolly inspired" beads from the past few days! Quality control this morning spotted some issues - and I quickly remember now what it was that made me shelve this glass some time ago!

Large cracks have appear within some of my beads - literally overnight! They are crazed and span from on end of the bead to the other. No only on one bead, but on several!

You can see from the pic above that it was mainly in the beads that were heavily encased with a thick layer of clear glass. This type of cracking is consistent with glass that is incompatible with another type used - this time, within its own family of "transparents".GGGGrrrrrrrrrrrr - so mad!

Will play again later today - but I'm thinking it's heading back to shelf some time very soon - Liz x


Konad-licious said...

Yep, I turfed mine several years ago! The hassle wasn't worth the color payoff. Good luck experimenting!

Sandrine said...

They totally look like big lollies!Love the colours, I hope you get the compatibility under control Liz!xx