... I am

... back inside the comfort zone I call home and I'm lovin' it! The last of the Expertise Event Craft and Quilt shows are over for the year and rest and relaxation are on the horizon ... but not just yet!
Many thanks to all of you whom I met recently in Adelaide. I am truely overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I have received from you all! I have spent the past week unpacking some of my gear, sorting orders and restocking the estore. New items have now been added so make sure you pop in and have a look.

... new glass headpins now in e-store!

I have also spent time developing new complex floral canes - some of which you can see on the floral focal beads below. Gorgeous striped canes give a "variegated" petal and provides interest and added detail to the flowers on my beads.

... also newly added to the e-store!

The finishing touches are now being added to the newsletter, which should be out this weekend. I'm just waiting for some comfirmation of dates before I publish! Be sure to look out for the November promo and estore sales and discounts! Talk soon ~ Liz x

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