... little bits of Morocco

... have kept me inspired over the past few weeks. Remember how I told you earlier that I had taken part in a monthly bead challenge? Well, the fixation continues! I have no idea of how many of these colourful beads I have made - but I have decided to list them in my new online store.

Wow - hasn't this become a job and half? In November of last year I decided that I wanted to re-visit my shopping options and decided to revamp my e-store. It is SO laboriously time consuming and making me sit in front of the monitor for much longer than I care to admit!
There are no short cuts thou and its taking me a long time - come back and visit again as I will be adding new items all the time.

Some new stock heading over to the Collective Store in Wynnum later this week includes these pink on pink earrings. I really like the way the look and am very proud of the fact that I made the beads using some of my very own hand made frit - a mix of both opaque and transparent pink glass along with a little bit of green to give it some life!

Just before I sign off today, I would like to welcome all the new followers who have joined my blog over the recent weeks. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world. You can read a little more about Creative Arty Facts and my hand made glass beads here. It's Friday folks - enjoy the weekend! Liz x


Libby Leuchtman said...

I love your new fixation. Having one myself I can completely sympathize.
Off to check out your Etsy.

Hot Fudge said...

The pink earrings are exquisite - best of luck with your new online store.

Pretty Things said...

MAN but I want all that.

ozzirebel said...

Liz I just love your beautiful beads..Bluestone Love and Kalypso in particular..I can't wait to come to the studio soon -the little voices are speaking to me again!

The Book launch looked a fun event. No time to do much creative stuff at the moment..the creative soul grows sick;(

Good luck..your blog is inspiring and fun to read