... 2011 resolution #2

.... was to be a little more involved with challenges, hosted every month by Glass Bead Makers forum. This month's challenge was to create beads using reactive beads using glass that produces particular reactions based on the chemical component within the class ...
I have made beads like this before but it was good to re-visit older styles and techniques that were once routine (and now no longer are.) A quick flick thru my library to find notes i had tucked away was all I needed. And so today .... I spent most of my time making more of the same. It was the perfect day for it. Of course, it rained off and on for the entire day but from my studio I could see this .....

... what is it I hear you ask? Well, it is the frame for new outdoor deck and entertaining area. Way overdue but extremely appreciated - promise to keep you posted with visual updates! Liz x

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Marcy Lamberson said...

Liz, that's smart revisiting old styles and brushing them off. It's always fun to incorporate old tricks into new ones too. (and that future deck looks huge and wonderful)