... honey, I'm home!

... last Friday to be exact, but it's taken me this long to finally feel like me feet are actaully on terra firma. No matter how well prepared I am for the "after-effects" of long distance flying, it always rattles me for a few days.

None-the-less, here I am and ready to go again. My NY sojourn was an amazing experience! So much to see and do and not enough time to cram it all in. Spending time at MoMa and the Guggenhiem museum were places I've wanted to visit for a very long time now, the seeds of which were planted in my head and heart a long time ago while I was at the NGA.

My time at the ISGB conference was also an amazing experience - fast, furious and frazzling but all part of the fun! I will be creating a seperate page for this part of my trip - you can follow the link from here once I have finish it. It will be my on line journal of my trip and I will be able to share photos and experiences with you of my time and travels in Rochester, NY.

Chihuly's installation @ the Corning Musuem

I was lucky to visit the Corning Museum twice during my stay. This is one of Chihuly's amazing glass installation that greets the visitors at the entry level. How cool is this? I am still sorting thru all my photos but will share more with you over the next few posts.

I am extremely exicted about some events that unfolded while I was away. I will be able to share more news with you once the details have been confirmed later this week - stay tuned! In the mean time, dont forget about my felted bangled workshop being held at Mad Monnies on Wednesday Augsut 18th and again on Saturday 21st August.

I have been making some hand made glass beads for you to decorate your felt creations! All micro beads are colour coordinated and perfectly complement bright eye catching felt kits. Have a great week - talk soon, Liz x


Hot Fudge said...

Welcome home Liz - I am GREEN with envy!

Creative Arty Facts said...

Thanks so much Robyn! Travelling is great but coming home is always better :) Liz x

Sandrine said...

Bienvenue Liz!It Looks like you had a ball and are fueled with inspiration! Bon weekend :)x