... tied and twisties

.... but not hung out to dry! This week I saw a light at the end of the tunnel (or a clearing on my desk) with many of my "way overdue" projects, orders and commitments being completed! Can you hear my sigh of relief? Anyway, it feels good to have finished the things I needed to do so I can move onto the things I want to do!

... and finally, some studio playtime!

This week, I am preparing for my felting workshop at Mad Monnie's on Saturday 19Th. There will be two sessions held on this day - one for absolute beginners and an afternoon session for those who already have previous experience with wet felting techniques. The books below are used as reference and provide some fantastic projects and inspiring ideas.

Yesterday I found out that very talented Carol Huber Cypher will be visiting Australia in April, with workshops tipped to be held locally and also at Jellybeads of Mogo in NSW. I can't say too much about the local venues because I don't have the details as yet but I am thrilled to hear this news as my mind is already in fast forward mode and well into the new year!

... hot chocolate and turkish delight cheesecake!

Time off for good behaviour this week has also given me time to spend with my boys. This week I took my son out for lunch - something we rarely do these days. Not because I'm always crying "time poor", but because it's not cool for an 18 year old to go out with his mother! I didn't hear any complaints on this day! NOM NOM NOM :)

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