.... cold feet

... and sore head - and probably the result of feeling a little run down at the moment. It was good to spend some time in my studio yesterday without the pressure of having to rush to finish orders and complete pieces due to looming deadlines.
My plan is to get a little organised and plan ahead! Well, certainly for the next few weeks up until the time I head off to NY (cold feet part!). I have several workshops pencilled into the schedule at Mad Monnie's over the next little while. I made these glass bead cabochons for a ring workshop being held on July 10. The rings will be made using Eni Oken style wire wrapping techniques but I want to share the cabs with you. I got a little carried away with the floral theme, but I'm quite happy with them.
These lolly like cabs were a lovely distraction yesterday as well - they are the glass cabs that will eventually transform themselves into my cuff links. It was a refreshing change from making beads and different way to channel my creative energy from the usual routine. I love my studio!
Liz x

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