... restocking the shelves

... has kept me extra busy this week . Amongst other new work going into the Hilton in Brisbane are these funky Gents cuff links - square on square fused glass in subtle colour combinations. Perfect for the 'special occasion' or to be worn everyday - because you can!

Olives anyone? I like mine shaken and stirred and experimented with! This weeks focus was on 2 colours - olive and amethyst and almost everything in between. I'm not sure if these will be used in jewellery as single colours or combined.

I like the colour combination of purple and green (and all variations therein) so along with the Olives I played a little with all my amethyst shaded glass.
More experimenting with 'off mandrel' beads today - results to be posted soon along with some exciting news regarding Council supported incentives for the modern day artisan - *yay* as that would be me! Have a lovely weekend everyone - back soon, Liz x


Hot Fudge said...

Square in a square is about my favourite quilt design, so your cuff links sure hit the mark with me - they are stunning.

Creative Arty Facts said...

Thanks Robyn! I love the retro "feel" about them. Glad you like the design - Im pretty much a "square" kinda girl too :)