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... it's been a very frustrating week! Last week I misplaced my usual protective eye wear I use to make my glass beads. The glasses are made with a special protective lenses that protect the eye from harsh light made when the torch melts the glass.
I took them upstairs (mistake #1) and left them on the kitchen table (mistake #2) and then asked one of my boys to set the table for dinner (mistake #3) ... the rest is history!
So ... the glasses are "missing in action" but soon to be replaced with these groovy numbers. Aren't they fabulous? I can't wait for them to arrive and hope the postie brings them today! Ciao for now - Liz x


Sandrine said...

OOps!I hope the postie is quick and no more mistakes!x

Art In Glass said...

Hey they are too funky!!!

Marlier Designs said...

Oooh groovy glasses Liz!
Btw check out my blog I have given you some sunshine!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Wow, those are the nicest work glasses I have ever seen! Hope they come soon!

Also, thanks for visiting my blog. :)