... getting ready

... for the BrisStyle Designer Markets, that is! Only less than 2 weeks away but enough time to send me into a mad panic! I know, you've read it before. I always try to plan ahead but my calendar already has way too much stuff on it!
Enough already! I wanted to show you some new work - funky chunky wearable art glass neck wear! Big and bold and very purple. Purple is my all time favorite colour and I'm so pleased that the fashion God's have deemed it to be "in" this season.

New purple work from me sees a change in "look" for this season - big, bold hand made glass beads, surface decorated with contrasting colours and stung on silver clasped leather lengths - just luscious and perfect for wearing over long sleeve T's or light weight jumpers!
I'm also getting ready from my felted bead workshops "Variations on a theme" being held at Mad Monnies over a series of nights during the month of March. Need more info? Feel free to drop me a line.

make this.....

from materials like these!

The workshop held over a 2 week period, will focus on making felt beads and decorating them using embroidery techniques or applying delicas and small seed beads. Small handmade art-glass bead kits (in complementing colour schemes) will be available for purchase if you wish to create work similar to this. Talk soon - Liz x


Hot Fudge said...

It's all looking pretty wonderful. I particularly love the felted beads - very cool.

Sandee said...

Beutiful work as always - love the combination of textures between the felt and the lampwork beads :)

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