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... love is all around
... did you feel it today? I certainly did! We had a very relaxing day today - the perfect way to end an incredibly hectic week. After brekky we hit the Portside Markets and were home by mid afternoon.
We spent the rest of the afternoon in the spa - and this what I saw when I look up at the fence! Amazing don't you think? Well - I thought it was too cool!

Friday night's opening of the Women of Substance II exhibition was a huge success! So many people and wayyyyyyyyyyy too much champagne. Running late (as always) we arrived to a sea of faithfull followers spilling out from the gallery doors onto the pavement outside. It was wonderful to see so many fans, family and friends attending.

The Courier Mail today published and article about the exhibition - you can read the highlights here. No work to show on this electronic link but lots of lovely works written. Thanks again to all my faithful followers, all of whom continue to make my journey a "roller coaster ride" .... and thats the way I like it! Baci - Liz x


Hot Fudge said...

Congratulations Liz on a sucessful opening night. I love the Red Hill Gallery and will certainly make an effort to catch your exhibition.

Creative Arty Facts said...

Thank you Hot Fudge! The show has some fantastic paintings and sculptures ... make sure you check out the work "Mrs Chu" - simply an amazing painting!