... when it rains, it pours

If you're in the Brisbane area you may have noticed that it's been raining now for some time. Personally, I love it! I get to spend much of my time in my studio and I become self absorbed in my music, colours and my glass - gets the creative juices going - yum!

I am thrilled to have my work featured twice this week on other people's write-ups.
Firstly, Australian Etsy has little blurb on my pale blue hollows. If you haven't had a chance to check out this blog yet - you should! It show cases a myriad of Aussie talent and has links to other useful and interesting websites.
.... and VanillaPixie has also featured my blue hollow earrings on her "Cold as Ice" treasury. Thanks so much Carley... I always feel a bit special when other people take the time out to high-light my work.

The earrings that feature in my blog this week were added to my etsy shop this week - hop over and have a look. Ciao for now ~ Liz

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