....a welcomed change

It was refreshing to wake up to an overcast and cool morning. Its been raining for the past few hours and I am excited to be cocooned in my studio today!
I love the balmy Brisbane weather but I am enjoying the cool change. Winter? ..... bring it on!!!
I have been stuck in a heart rut all week....I have been making some for customers and then thought I would make one for myself. I'm going to wear mine to the opening of an exhibition I'm in .... Women of Substance. It opens tonight and I am looking forward to catching up with family and friends.

Several beads sets sold this week so I will replace these over the weekend with some new stock. This will including some large focal heart beads, just like the one you can see in the photo. They look great threaded on silk or you can combine them with a black neoprene choker for a very funky look. Enjoy the weekend and all that St. Valentine's Day brings. Ciao for now ~ Liz x

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