...a big thank you

Well... the opening night to my show (well, not just my show) was a huge success. It was wonderful to see so many familar faces - both family and friends who came along to support me. I was so late (and nervous!) but the champagne was flowing and people were buying....!!! If you haven't had a chance to have a look, the Women of Substance exhibition continues till the end of February at the Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane, Qld.
I have been busy making new beads and jewellery over the past few weeks. New Bollywood inspired earrings are up on my website. Lovely discords of pinks and oranges make them funky and fun wear.

Autumn is fast approaching my palette of colours will change to reflect the season. Yesterday I made some v. cool beads in amber and decorated them with a metallic lustre glass that gives an iridescent sheen to it. They remind me of the beautiful lead light widows that grace most of the cathederals in EuropeThese beads, along with some new season stock will make their way over to Mad Monnies this week.
Take care - see ya! Liz x


Avril said...

Hey Liz,
Thanks for inviting me to your opening. I wouldn't have missed it. It was such a great night - so many people with smiles on their faces! It was either the jewelery or the champagne! :D

Creative Arty Facts said...

You're such a sweetie Avril! It was good to look around and see people you know. Thanks again for coming along....so, does this mean I can put you on the guest list for the next one?
Liz x

Avril said...

For sure!! I'll be there with bells on (or maybe a little bit of glass too) :D