.... a sneak peak

All my jewellery and art glass pieces have finally been delivered to the Red Hill Gallery- I can now sit back and rest a little (not!!!)

It's funny how wound up you can get when putting the finishing touches to a collection of work. I didn't realise just how stressful things had become untill I dropped off my work last week. The images above give you a snapshot of my work for the forthcoming show; Women of Substance.

The local paper ran a story about me this week...the photo was taken quite some time ago and of course, the studio is now almost finished. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
My website is constantly evolving and you will contine to see more sublte changes over the next few weeks. It will now focus on my bead work as well as showcase my jewellery. Stay tuned for some fun new work! For the time being, I have listed some new teardrop style earrings ... new beadsets will be added later this week.

Ciao for now ~ Liz x

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