... I'm pretty happy

... with the results from my enamel play day earlier this week...
I've been hatching some ideas and using a limited colour palette to make beads using only 3 or 4 colours.  I love the colour intensity it creates within the finished piece.
... enamelled rounds   
These were inspired by some "other" projects I've been working on and of course, I am now totally off task and miles away from my gallery pieces I really should be working on - but I'm on a roll so I'm going with it!
... copper, glass and leather - a nice combination!

I used some copper rounds to create links and threaded some gelato coloured leather that I've had for ages. I love these shades together - they were the inspiration behind the beads.
Ta - hadda! The finished piece! It's a variation on some other pieces I've been making lately but I've replaced the disc beads with chunky rounds instead!

... I'm heading back to the studio (where I should be) - have a lovely week everyone. The weather here in BrisVegas has a definitive Autumn feel to it and perfect for hibernating in the studio. Talk soon - Liz x


Jewelry By Jessica said...

Really pretty beads and necklace I love all the colors you used. I really like the effect the enamel gives to the beads.

happy beading,
Jessica :)

Creative Moon said...

Oh my gosh, those are wonderfully beautiful beads!!! I LOVE them!!!! They came out awesome!!! =)

Jenni said...

These are such pretty beads and. Love the leather you chose, too...a perfect compliment to those gorgeous colors.