... good grief!

... 2011 is finally over - and  I'm exhausted! What an incredible "roller coaster" of a year its been! When I look back at what has kept me busy this year, my head starts to spin and I have a headache from just thinking about it!

So, what's in store for me this coming year? Not much for now - well, until I get back from teaching at the Albany Summer School that is! I am super excited about heading off to the west coast next week - not only about the teaching but the long, awaited week at the beach that soon follows!
hand enamelled head pins
I have enjoyed some well earned play time in the studio over the past few days ... starting and finishing projects and playing with new toys.

new millefiore pendants
I've been promising myself some time to learn new skills and refine older ones and maybe  - and apply them to my creative repertoire. 
Basic Elements - new and now available....
... and just when I thought it was safe to leave the confines of my trusty keyboard and monitor (that has pretty much dominated my life the past 365 days) - I discovered this!
Wow - what a visual feast for the eyes (and heart) this is! Pinterest is an online pinboard designed to help organise and share your inspirations - how cool is that! You can follow me here - better still, click on the Pinterst button (on the right of the page) to follow me and I will follow you in return!

Last but not least, I would like to thank each and everyone of my customers, friends and followers who have supported me throughout the year. I am humbled by the emails and letters I receive from you and know that your encouragement and continuous support is greatly welcomed and appreciated . Wishing you all much love, joy and happiness and a brilliant and prosperous new year ahead  ♥  Liz

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