... beach dreaming

... but it will have to wait till we get back from the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair next week! In the meantime, I've been distracting myself from the thought of rest and relaxation by making these sea and beach themed beads. Hand made murrini to show "sea urchins" and add interest to the bead decoration. You can see the rod where the "pull" of glass gather begins to thicken on the left of the page. I mostly use the length of glass from the middle of the murrini cane and save the thicker widths for other projects. The final part of the process for these beads is to soak them in an etching solution that leaves a soft finish and look to the bead.
Have a lovely weekend everyone (and good luck to those who will actaully get to make it to the beach in person this weekend), cheers - Liz x