... home is where the ♥ is

... and I'm loving it! Have now been home for exactly 24 hours + and apart from a few ruffled feathers in our little nest, all is well!

Refreshed and recharged from a road trip down south to Canberra, we are looking forward to some serious down time over the next few weeks.

... a refreshing change of colours

The colours of the land were vastly different to those we are used to seeing in our dry environment. Lush green and yellow mustard fields were just beautiful to see, if only for a minute! Even though I'm now home, those gorgeous colours combinations we see in nature will stay with me for a while!

I am thrilled to have been selected to have my work in the "Craft + Design = Art 2011" Exhibition scheduled to take place later this year in the central Queensland region of Miles. I look forward to planning my entry and putting together a collection of works inspired by "colours of the land" ...

... but for the time being, I have signed up for another round of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party and it's almost time for me to send my goodies off to my UK partner Lesley Weir. I have almost finished putting together my surprise stash - once they're on their way, I will post pics here. There are over 360 people world wide taking part in the exchange this time. I can't wait to see some of the creative projects that will come from this party!

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