.... a day trip

... to Byron last Monday was a welcomed breath of fresh air. It gave me chance to be with my boys and not think of my crazy schedule that lies ahead of me .... (2011 resolution #12 ... do not tell lies)

.... hmmmm, cookies!

We were distracted by the photo of girl with the beautiful almond shaped eyes! She of course, is the infamous icon for the Byron Bay cookie company ... so off to the outlet shop we went!

It was a perfect day and the water looked inviting. The last of the summer swimmers were enjoying the fresh, blue waters but the surf was a little to rough from me. A long, lazy beach walk was just what the doctor ordered and was all I needed to feel like I didn't really want to go home! (2011 resolution #13 ... make more time for myself to do the things i want to do!)

... deliciously new cup cake glass pendents

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend just gone! Of course, I'm already dreaming of the next one - Mother's Day! I have discounted by jewellery @ The Collective Store for all my blog and Facebook followers.
Simply drop in and say hello to the lovely Leonie and she will adjust the prices for you. This offer is valid till Sunday, May 8th!

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Thea said...

Oh, I'm so glad you made it to Byron after all. I hope your boys showed you lots of love and appreciation today. x