.... yes, yes - I know

... that it's been a long time since I last posted! But here I am - a little older but not yet any wiser!
Another crazy April whirlwind ride for us - this one was no exception. Wanna know how busy I've really been? Read on ....
  • flew into Sydney to take a couple of classes with the fabulous Corina Tettenger at GoGo Glass studios ... the three day floral class was amazing but extremely thrilled with Corina's Ring workshop!
  • making new gear for the new display cabinet that has now made it's way to The Collective Store
  • preparing bead sets for students attending Carol Cypher's workshop at Jellybeads of Mogo
  • celebrated 20 fabulous years with my gorgeous husband (and now business partner - lets see how long that lasts!)
  • hosted house guests for 4 days and celebrate my "5 o-oh" birthday over the weekend just gone
  • Still writing up this months newsletter which includes "fabulous and 50% off " codes for all readers inside
  • preparing for individual student lessons later this week
  • ... still looking for the Easter bunny!
... Corina in action!

... new glass roses at The Collective Store

... party nite!

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

A very big happy birthday to you!