... colour study

It's been a crazy busy week! I don't know where the time goes - but what I know know is that if I don't make time for myself, then it doesn't happen! I was inspired by the blue beads I made last week to keep "playing" with this coloured glass. Playing of course, means uninterrupted time when i get to know my colours a little more intimately.

... effetre 591034 - aqua light transparent

... double helix glass: kalypso

Last week I did some glass testing for Kerry at Affordable Inspiration. It made me hunt thru my stash of glass to look for goodies I'd bought at the Gathering last year - still neatly packed in its original bundle ... Kalypso was one of them, the others unnamed and labeled only with numbers (2011 resolution #8 - clean up the studio more often to find a bounty of unused goods!)

It's been a while since
I've had a good play with silver glass - I was quickly reminded how beautiful this glass really is. I'm off to do a little more cleaning now so see what else i can find! Have a lovely weekend everyone - back again tomorrow! Liz x


Pesky Cat Designs said...

These are beautiful!!

ozzirebel said...

I could give up jelly snakes forever for these!