... black 'n' white

... always does it for me - it's such a classic yet versatile colour combination. I worked on some heavily encased beads earlier and I'm really pleased with the way they look. The focus was not only in the encasement, but on the surface detail - florals, dots etc. You'll be pleased to know that I have just listed this set in the e-store - a super sized "set" that comes with a focal bead. (2011 resolution #8 - stop stealing beads from the cabinet)

... fun and funky b + w sets

I forgot to post a photo of my bead soup mix that I put together for our exchange in the Bead Soup Party. It's was a lot hard to do than i thought - none-the-less, i enjoyed sifting through my beading bits to find "exactly" what i was looking for.

... amethyst and tangerine mix

Well, the weekend for me has been creative one and I still managed to post 3 entries in just as many days (2011 resolution #9 - post more often) I'm off to relax in the spa now and enjoy the last part of the weekend. Liz x


Dee said...

Your black and white beads turned out wonderful!...and love the soup mix!

Libby Leuchtman said...

Yep I love your black and white beads. It never fails, always a classic.

Pretty Things said...

Love black and white, and love the soup!