... where is the panic button?

..... it's true folks, I'm officially in "panic mode". My studio looks like its been ransacked and I just know I will not get thru my "to-do" by tomorrow. I am leaving home for a while and I just know I'm gunna forget somefink!

... I've been working on this

... and this

... and these

It's taken me a little longer than I care to think about. Anyway, I know I'm on the home stretch! I am heading to Canberra for a few weeks and besides spending time at the Glassworks, catching up with family and friends I am extremely excited about going to the Nightfest event for Floriade. Small, floral things really excite me, but this is something that I've been "studying" for some time now (and probably the reason I am running behind on all my work).

My next post will be from Canberra, so until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend! Liz x


Sandrine said...

Oh Liz I hope things gets a little more peaceful soon!!I wish you a great time in Canberra that sound like a wonderful trip xx

Julz said...

I hope your time in Canberra was as lovely as you were hoping.
I have to just say...these beads take my breath away!!! Especially the 'flowers' in the bottom photo...remarkably beautiful