... discords and harmonies

... seem to be pretty much sum up my work at the moment. Along with my fixation of making hollow beads lately, passive blues and greens are the basis of my summer themed work at for the time being. I just love the delicate colour effect when the "right" shades of these two colours are used together.

Varying shades of pinks and oranges are also some favourites for me just now. Deep cranberry veiled glass hollows are the centre pieces for some new season neck wear. I promise to show some pics of the finished pieces once they;re done. For now - its work in progress and far from being finished.

The spring weather has been glorious this week - I hope you managed to get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine over the weekend. It was perfect for beach walking at the Gold coast!. Have a great week everyone - chat soon, Liz x


Thea said...

I love all these colours too. x

Creative Arty Facts said...

Making these up in single or shaded coloured beads is one things - stringing them into jewellery is a completely different story. I's struggling this week!