... spring has sprung

... and is alive and kickin'. The weather has been perfect and I'm looking forward to some productive time in my studio today. Floral beads have absorbed much of my creativity lately but abstract and graphic designed beads are my referred style of work.
My visits to the Canberra Glassworks are always a source of inspiration - this recent visit was no exception. Colour has always been my thing, closely followed by shape and form - these caught my eye!
... pinks and oranges

... limes and lemons

... blues and greens

Many thanks to those who popped in to Mad Monnies yesterday. Our mini Spring Fling was the perfect way to re-connect with friends and followers.
My Primavera bead collection is now on show - pop in and have a look! The in-store "free pairs" promotion runs till Sept 7 or until stock runs out. Have a lovely week and enjoy the Father's Day weekend.

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