... sharing the love

... i recently read an article that highlighted the personal benefits of giving, sharing and the concept of "paying it forward" - it was affirmation to me that even though a girl can really never have enough glass, it always feels good to share!
So this little number is making its way down to Jellybeads of Mogo where the lovely Jenny will use this to promote and raise funds for the McGrath Foundation. Drop in and say hello and support Jenny raise much needed funds for breast cancer research.

... inspired by flowering cherry blossoms in Canberra

I have been home for a little while but I am getting ready (mentally) to leave again - not so far this time but still for almost the same amount of time. I am taking up a short term residency at the Canberra Glassworks later this month. It is a huge honor for me and will allow me to further explore and develop my bead making techniques and repertoires. I will also have access to tools and equipment that are not readily available to me - so explorations in cold working and sandblasting are on the top of my list.

Have a lovely week everyone. I am still on a high from spending time with family and sharing lots of good laughs with friends over the weekend. Talk soon ~ Liz x

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