... parlez-vous français ?

.... in my house, it's part and parcel of my daily life. Of course, I would have loved to have learnt the language a little more formally but over the past 20 years or so, I have absorbed (by osmosis) enough to see me thru glossy chic magazines, articulate my way through sticky travel situations (sans husband) and learnt to love and appreciate the beauty and culture of all thing French .... and it hasn't been too difficult!

My night time reading this week has kept me busy putting together ideas and food combinations for our annual Bastille Day dinner - this week landing midweek on Wednesday. My favourite book of the moment is "At My French Table" written by Aussie girl Jane Webster. I love it not only because all the images and recipes take me back to all the places I have seen and roads I have travelled, but because it makes me live her passion and follow her dream - a visual feast for the senses: lips, heart and soul!

Ok ... back to reality and what to cook! More reading, thinking and tasting is needed so more on this later. In the mean time, enjoy the Tour de France and take in the lovely scenery! Liz x

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Sandrine said...

OUi oui!! :)
I just stear clear from these books they just make me sooooo home sick sometimes! :)Maybe I am due for a trip home? hehe