... roving amongst the treetops

.... how gorgeous are these colours? I could just eat them - but I'm saving them for my felting classes at Mad Monnie this coming Saturday. My shopping trip to Threads & More was very exciting yesterday, and despite getting lost on my forward journey as well as on my way home - I managed to remain calm and self controlled.

Blimely Limey


... and my fave - Madras!

The animal beads have made a comeback this week and will make their grand entrance at the Brisbane Bead and Gem show in a few weeks.

.... they're kinda cute don't you think? I've been meaning to make "cat" style beads for my friend Donna for some time now. Well here they are! They remind me of the cartoon character Felix from the 1960's - he had such an expressive face.
Not to leave the dogs out of the picture, I made a few of those too, along with some doggy bones for good measure. See you on Saturday if you are coming to the felting workshops - talk soon, Liz x


Konadobsession! said...

Love the new layout and colors of the blog Liz!

Creative Arty Facts said...

Thanks Carli - yours is looking pretty good as well.

mandapanda said...

So cute! I love those little doggies! Purrrhaps some mice for the kitties?