... saviours of the lost arts

... Craft Fair is coming to Brisbane - King George Square to be more precise! The one day Craft Fair will be held on Tuesday June 1. What better way to celebrate the first day of winter? Wear the winter woollies, stroll through the market-place and enjoy the best of Brisbane's Artisans.

I will have some new pieces to show - including these lovely but super large hole beads! These are perfect to wear on their own or with my new leather lariats. On show will also be some fab winter inspired jewellery. So, pop in and say hello!
I managed to take photos of a gorgeous pair of lorikeets late yesterday afternoon. It was very obvious that they were preening themselves as part of their mating ritual. I really didn't want to watch (honestly) but I couldn't tear myself away! *thinks to herself that there must be more to bird-watching than meets the eye* - Liz x

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